Vida Living Properties is a small business of rental properties with an appreciation for architecture, preservation and making environmentally conscious choices whenever possible. We are Solomon and Rachel, Michigan natives and committed to being a small and reliable business.

We put an immense amount of effort into restoring older houses to their natural beauty, often doing most of the work ourselves and bringing houses to conditions that we would be happy living in. We are involved start to finish with all our houses.

Environmental Efforts:

We look at every aspect of the house before doing restorations and fix or save any parts that can be structurally salvable. We would prefer to give our houses another 100 years of life by restoring instead of simply replacing parts, this reduces waste and preserves the original architecture of the homes. We make environmentally conscious choices about all our homes when we do replacements, such as using renewable materials like bamboo, refinishing hardwoods floors and opting for energy efficient appliances and lighting.

If you are interested in renting one of our properties please contact us: